Big V Player of the Year 2023


Our Storm Big V Player of the Week is having a very nice start to the season and was in great form on Saturday night, to lead her side to a strong win.

Olivia Virt is in what some would say is career best form right now and has put together a great 6 rounds of work in 2023.

On Saturday night, Virty was everywhere against Chelsea, taking control of the game for the Storm, finishing with 29 points at a clip of 62% from the field to finish as our player of the round.

Other notable performances

Summer Field – 18 points/11 rebounds v Blackburn
Max Kos – 18 points v Wyndham
Ash Withers – 16 points/12 rebounds v Blackburn
Josh Chery – 16 points v Keysborough
Bh’rea Griffin – 16 points v Chelsea
Georgia Varley – 16 points v Chelsea
Piper Copeland – 16 points v Blackburn
Sam Maher – 15 points v Melton/13 points v Surf Coast
Rohan Jarvie – 15 points v Keysborough
Nathan Gronbeck 13 points v Wyndham/10 points v Keysborough
Karli Bruce – 13 v Chelsea
Mitch Smith 13 points v Surf Coast
Sophie Tattersall – 13 points v Blackburn
Vinnie Whelan – 11 points v Melton/10 points v Surf Coast
Keegan Johnson – 11 points v Melton
Lucy Howard – 10 points v Chelsea