Wheelchair Basketball

Parallel Sports Inc and the Try Boys Brigade have been running wheelchair basketball for many years and are keen to get more people involved.

For more information about the Come Try Junior sessions, Corporate Cup or Parallel Sports and Wheelchair basketball click HERE

Parallel Sports Inc. is a self help association that connects people with physical disabilities to sporting clubs.
Parallel Sports Inc. offers a variety of sporting programs and services that target the specific needs of physically disabled people. The club encourages participation in a variety of sporting options by establishing strong community links and partnerships.

Parallel Sports Inc. promotes the health benefits of regular involvement and participation in sports, at a competitive or recreation level, and will assist with pathways and opportunities from beginner to elite levels.

Parallel Sports Inc. a unique self help group promoting the health benefits and community social network benefits through participation in sports which may or may not have an adaptive need, by establishing positive connected links for individuals in the greater community at large.

Parallel Sports Inc. stands for 3 important ideologies,

1. A mobility disability should not be a barrier to active physical participation.
2. A physical disability should not be a means for recreational social isolation
3. Being in a wheelchair does not equal limited sporting opportunities

Detailed information

Our team

Parallel Sports Inc. is a non for profit organisation which is solely run by volunteers.

Board of Management

Parallel Sports Inc. has a strong belief in incorporating the ideas that members express, into the development and implementation of services run within the club. Parallel Sports Inc. requires that 50% of the Board of Management are active members.

Parallel Sports Inc. is open to creating committees that allow the members to explore their areas of interest or need. There will be regular opportunities with the board of management, for the committees to voice their ideas. The Board will ensure that its members are the driving influence behind planning, development, implementation, operation and reviewing of the club.