Introduction to Teammo

From Winter 2020, Bellarine Peninsula Basketball Association (BPBA) is introducing a new system for Domestic teams to pay for team sheet fees, lodge and pay for forfeits, and collect money from team members.

Teammo is a website platform (no app required!) for teams, clubs and associations to better collect and manage payments. Using Teammo, your team can do the following:

  • Pay for team sheet fees online: Your team contact/manager can create a Teammo account and manage payments to BPBA. EFTPOS and cash will still be available at venues to pay for team sheet fees.
  • Lodge and pay for forfeits: Teams can lodge and pay forfeits online, with both teams being automatically notified via text message, along with BPBA.
  • Collect money from team members: Team contacts/managers can choose to use Teammo to collect money from their team members – to alleviate the need for collecting cash. 

For more information on Teammo and to create an account, visit

Further assistance and how-to

To learn more about Teammo and for assistance in setting up your account follow the links below:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

There is a repository of all FAQs here: If your question cannot be answered, please reach out to us via or message us via web chat (the green icon at the bottom right of any page on the Teammo website)

Accessing Teammo

  • Do teams have to download an app to use Teammo? Teammo is accessible via your website browser. You don’t have to download an app to use it. Teammo works on mobile devices, tablets and computers. You can access Teammo via Here are some instructions for how to add Teammo to your mobile’s home screen.

    Teammo is working on an iOS and Android mobile application. This will be the same experience as the website, but will give you more options for accessing Teammo. More information will be provided to BPBA when this is ready.
  • Can you manage multiple teams in the one Teammo account?
    Yes, a user can have multiple teams in their Teammo account. This means they can switch quickly between teams, without needing multiple accounts. To do this, click on the three dots next to your team name in the menu (see below). Then, click ‘Create Team’. You will need to connect to your association via

Match payments

  • What happens if there are last minute fixture changes? How quickly is Teammo updated so we can pay for the changed fixture? Teammo will aim to keep fixtures updated on a regular basis. Please refer to your regular fixture in PlayHQ for the most up-to-date information. We pull the fixture data regularly, however it may not always be the same. Please only contact if the team you’re playing is different to the one listed in Teammo. Differences to location/time will not cause any problems with your payment.
  • Do I have to use Teammo to pay for my team’s match fee? No. Teammo is another payment method in addition to EFTPOS and cash options at venues.


  • Are there credit card fees in Teammo? It is free for teams to create an account with Teammo. There are no additional fees charged to use Teammo when making payments to BPBA. If you are using Teammo to collect money from team members, there is a fee we charge to cover processing costs. This fee is 3.9%, and is charged to the team member on top of the amount requested. You are never out-of-pocket as a team manager. 
    For example, if you request $10.00 from a player, they will be charged $10.39. You will receive $10.00 in your bank account.


  • What happens when a team has a game that is cancelled or a forfeit occurs and they have already paid for the game via Teammo?  We will always try to transfer their payment to their next unpaid game – unless there are no more games left or they prefer a refund. We’ll get in touch with the team. Read more here.
  • What happens when a team submits a forfeit and they have already paid for the game via Teammo?  Same as the answer above – we will always try to transfer the payment to their next unpaid game.

Collecting money from team members using Teammo

  • When I collect money from team members, where does this money go? To the nominated bank account of the person who is requesting the funds. You can update your bank details here: For most major banks, you will receive the money in 1-2 business days.
  • If a team manager requests money from their team via Teammo, do team members need a Teammo account to pay?  No, team members do not have to create an account. When team managers request money from their team using Teammo, team members will receive an SMS with a link to pay – no account is required.
  • Do I have to use Teammo to collect money from team members/parents? No. If you already have a method of collecting money from team members, you can continue using that method. If you would like to use Teammo to collect money from your team, you can choose how often you want to request money, and how much you want to collect. All money collected from team members via Teammo is deposited into your bank account. For most major banks, you will receive the money in 1-2 business days.
  • What happens when I request money from team members using Teammo? Teammo sends an SMS to each selected team member with a link to make a payment. The team member can click on that link to make a payment using debit or credit card. For all future payments, your team members can make payments by SMS, by entering the unique code provided. For more information: