Storm Boy’s View – Big V 2022 Round 13

Basketball time again kids, let’s take a squizz at what’s coming up this weekend and how ol’ Stormy thinks things will work out for the Storm troopers.

Division 1 Men

Saturday 25th June v Coburg 8:30pm, Coburg Basketball Stadium

Our Div 1 Men will need to stock up on the ‘No-Doze’ for this one, with an 8:30 start. I’ve heard it said that might be past Lewie Varley’s bedtime!

The boys are going beautifully at the moment with six wins on the spin and a real chance to extend that to seven in this one as Coburg hold up the rest of the competition with just the one win for the year.

After a couple of outs last week through the spicy cough, the Storm are back to close to full strength and will be comfortable winners in this one.

Youth League Men

Saturday 25th June v Chelsea 5:00pm, Bonbeach Basketball Stadium

Stormy understands that some of our Youth League boys might have been in the panel beaters during the week after a very physical encounter at home last weekend.

This weekend, they’re off to Chelsea to take on the Gull’s who sit near the bottom of the Terrill Conference table, whilst the Storm are sitting in the top 4 of the Watson Conference.

Given those standings, Stormy feels strongly, that this points to the Storm getting back on the winners list in this one at the end of 40 minutes.

Despite last weeks loss, the Storm have been in good form with the likes of Ethan McDonald, Ryan Robinson, Max Maciejewski and Jarvis Gleeson all playing key parts.

Stormy says a win is in the wings for the boys this week.

Youth League Women

Sunday 26th June v Mornington 1.00pm, Mornington Basketball Stadium

Stormy nearly fell off the sofa last week, after a rare loss for Smithy and the Youth League Women. Thankfully his full figure broke the fall and no injuries were sustained!

To their credit, Coburg were able to negate the impact of Carly Sanders and Jessica Connor suffered severe leather poisoning with 38 points.

This is the first time these two teams have faced off this season, so welcome to the unknown!

Mornington sit just outside the top 6 on percentage, so will no doubt be up and about for this one, with the chance to jump into finals contention, however, the Storm have been a powerhouse this season and will be extra keen to bounce back into the winner’s circle.

Stormy says the Storm will be harder to beat than Cathy Freeman in this one and he’s confident that the ladies will well and truly get the job done in this one.

Division 1 Women

It’s another bye for our Division 1 Women and Stormy has been told categorically, Coach Tim Sanderson has barred any trips to Bali and told his side you can’t degoey!!!!