Storm Big V Player of the Week

It was a pretty clear choice for this week’s Big V Player of the Week.

‘Cyclone’ Carly Saunders made her presence felt in our Youth League Women’s domination of Chelsea on the weekend, finishing with 26 points and 15 rebounds to spearhead the win.

We suspect this may be the first of a few nominations for ‘Cyclone’ this year!

Other performances of note were:

Max Kos – 18 points v Bulleen

Jarvis Gleeson – 18 points v Maccabi

Sienna Quinlan – 17 points/13 Rebounds v Chelsea

Lewie Varley – 17 points v Bulleen

Ryan Robinson – 16 points v Maccabi

Ethan McDonald – 11 points/14 rebounds v Maccabi

Max Macijewski – 11 points/13 rebounds v Maccabi

Jason Reardon – 10 points/15 rebounds v Bulleen