STORM BOY’S VIEW: Week 7 1st & 2nd May 2021

Howdy fans (and air conditioners), Stormy’s back with my previews of this weekends Big V games.


V Southern Peninsula, Saturday 1st May 8.00pm, Hillview Stadium

What an awesome double header weekend last weekend from our Division 1 Men!  Two big wins and great performances across the board.

Our boys are humming along beautifully right now and are looking like a finely tuned Porsche!

This weekend we’re off to face Southern Peninsula who sit on a 2-5 record for the season and whilst no win is guaranteed, with the firepower at the disposal of Coach Beauglehall, Stormy feels there would be more chance of finding a Unicorn in the Otways, than there will be of the Storm dropping this one!

With Lewie Varley almost scoring at will last week, the smarts of Jason Reardon and the performances of young guns Nathan Gronbeck and Seb Thomason, there might just be too many options for Bellarine than Southern Pen can handle.


V Warrandyte, Sunday 2nd May 1.00pm, Warrandyte Sports Complex

Stormy would like to wrap his arms around our Division 1 Women and give them some love this week.

It’s been a tough month for our ladies and results just aren’t going their way right now.

But there’s one thing Old Stormy knows and that’s in times like these, you just gotta stick together, look out for each other and keep working hard and eventually the opportunities will come!

The Venom come into this game with an inconsistent form line so far in 2021, which is good news for us.

Despite the loss last weekend, there were signs that there was more of a spread of contributions across the team and that will need to continue and increase this weekend.

Being a ‘glass half full’ sort of fella, Stormy just feels that the ladies will ‘take care of business’ this weekend and snare a ‘w’.


V Southern Peninsula, Saturday 1st May, 4.00pm Hillview Stadium

Oh dear!  Stormy never likes it when his words come back to haunt him.  That was the case last week as the case was presented to take advantage of bouncing back against the side on the bottom of the ladder.

Melton sniffed their chance after half time and went on to cause the boilover.  The shining light being another big effort from Kody Wilson with 26 points and 12 boards for the game.  With Ethan McDonald the only other Storm player to make double figures it was a case of too much from too few.

It’s by no means ‘panic stations’ having dropped the last two matches, however, it is important that the Storm find their way back to the winners list against their cross conference opponents this weekend.

Stormy’s a big fan of old sayings and the one that comes to mind for our Youth league Men this week is ‘many hands make light work’!

I’ve seen the light this week and feel that the Storm will make the light work!

Good luck to all our teams this weekend!

Until next week……Storm Boy…..OUT!