Major sponsor is a Solid deal

A new partnership has been agreed upon with Solid Civil Solutions being named as a major sponsor of the Bellarine Storm program for the next 3 years.

Solid Civil Solutions provide:

Road Safety Infrastructure Improvements/ Upgrades
With the expanse of our road network and surrounding infrastructure across the state, we offer clients capabilities in the improvement of these valuable assets covering re construction of vehicle refuge bays and emergency hardstands on our road network, shoulder widenings, signage upgrades, safety barrier installations, refreshment of line marking, clean out and removal of spoil and debris from kerbing, reshape and alignment of swale drains, reinstate verges and installation of rub rail and poly buffer end treatments to protect motorcyclists.

Subdivision Construction
Working across several large urban housing and commercial developments in the state, our reputation has grown rapidly in this sector by offering clients a more reliable and tailored service with plant utilisation predominately for detail and finishing elements. In conjunction, we offer capability in drainage and all forms of concrete construction to complement our unique service.


Solid Civil Solutions are a proud supporter of grassroots sports and sponsor many sports in the region. Welcome aboard Solid.