A big weekend of basketball is coming cup this weekend with the Regional Tournament giving our VJBL Teams a good warm up for the approaching season.

Games will be played right across the region, with a number of Storm teams taking part.

Here’s the draw


TimeCourtTeam OpponentTimeCourtTeam Opponent
8:00AWA 312G2Geelong 316:00Arena 114B TournamentCraigieburn 4
8:00Oberon 112B2Wallan 116:00Arena 214G1Hamilton A
8:00Arena 112B4Wildcats Silver16:00Arena 414B1Wallan 1
8:00Arena 212B3Seymour 16:00Try Boys 114B2Westgate 2
9:00AWA 112G1Mildura16:00Hoop City 116G1Surfcoast 1
9:00Oberonn 214G2Geelong 216:30Geelong Sports Hub 3 12B2Melton 1
10:00Grovedale 114B2Port Stars United 17:00Try Boys 116B1Bendigo 1
10:00Oberon 114G1Korrumburra17:00Grovedale 216B2Geelong 2
11:00Arena 316G2Geelong 317:30Geelong Sports Hub 12B1Shepparton 1
11:00Hoop City 112B1Surfcoast 118:00AWA 616B3Westgate 4
11:30Geelong Sports Hub 3 14B4Geelong 718:00Try Boys 118G1Wallan
12:00AWA 316B1Sunbury18:30Geelong Sports Hub 3 16G2Kyneton
12:00Grovedale 116B2Geelong 418:30Geelong Sports Hub 418B1Geelong 4
12:00Grovedale 218B1Geelong 319:00Oberon 212B3Mildura 3
12:30Geelong Sports Hub 214B3Korrumburra19:00AWA 312G1Sunbury 1
13:00Arena 312B4Warragul D19:00AWA 514G2Geelong 3
13:00AWA 114B1Geelong 119:00Leisuretime 214B2Warragul B
13:00Hoop City 112G1Westgate 119:30Geelong Sports Hub 3 14B TournamentGeelong 8
13:00Try Boys 218B2Tatura Titans20:00Arena 114G1Wallan 1
13:30Geelong Sports Hub 218G1Maffra20:00AWA 316G1Wangaratta
14:00Arena 116B3Wallan 220:00Leisuretime 118B2Geelong 7
14:30Geelong Sports Hub 412B3 Shepparton 220:30Geelong Sports Hub 216B1Wangaratta
15:00AWA 312G2Westgate 321:00AWA 316B3Surfcoast 2
15:00AWA 512B1Sale 1
15:00Try Boys 114B3Geelong 4
15:00Grovedale 214B4Westgate 4


TimeCourtTeam OpponentTimeCourtTeam Opponent
8:00AWA 312G2YMCA15:00AWA 112G1Geelong 1
8:00Oberon 112B2Port Fairy Pacers15:00Hoop City 112B1Geelong 1
9:00Leisuretime 112B4Geelong 515:00Oberon 214G2Surfcoast 1
9:00Try Boys 114B3Macedon 115:00Try Boys 118G1Geelong 2
9:00Try Boys 214B4Wetsgate 316:00AWA 114B3Seymour
10:00AWA 514G2Sunbury 116:00Leisuretime 112B4Wallan 2
10:00Arena 116G1Geelong 116:00Leisuretime 212G2Macdeon
10:00Geelong Sports Hub 114B2Pacers16:00Try Boys 214B4Macedon 2
10:00Leisuretime 112B1Maffra16:00Arena 314B TournamentMelbourne 8
10:00Try Boys 114 B TournamentGeelong 1016:00Hoop City 116B1Altona
11:00Arena 316B2Sunbury 216:00Geelong Sports Hub 316B3Seymour
11:00Geelong Sports Hub 114B1Shepparton16:00Oberon 118B1Macedon 
12:00Hoop City 114G1Altona 117:00Try Boys 216G2Westgate 3
12:00Arena 416B1Warrnambool18:00Oberon 116G1Shepparton
12:00Oberon 218B1Surfcoast 118:00Arena 118B2Geelong 5
13:00Try Boys 112B2Mildura 218:00AWA 318G1Seymour
13:00Oberon 214B2Geelong 2
13:00Hoop City 116G2Geelong 4
14:00AWA 114B1Warragul A
14:00AWA 512B3Hamilton
14:00AWA 616B2Mildura 2