Mc Donald’s Ballarat Junior Tournament 2023

This weekend’s Ballarat Junior Tournament has been a very successful campaign so far, for our Storm sides in action, with a majority of teams making it through to the semi-final games starting this morning, with a spot in this afternoon’s Grand Final’s on the line.

To those teams that didn’t make it through to the final day of the tournament, we thank you for giving it your all over the weekend and we hope you enjoyed the experience. Thank you also to the loyal parents and families that came along for the ride to cheer hard for our teams, along with our dedicated Coaches, for all their efforts over the last two days.

And to out teams lining up in the Semi-Finals today, we say go hard and go well, we’ll be right behind you!

After 2 days of competition, these are the standings and today’s games for our Storm teams.

Under 12 Boys 1
2nd – Pool A 3-1
Semi-Final v Geelong United
8:10AM – Minerdome Court 2

Under 12 Boys 2
2nd – Pool B 3-1
Semi-Final v Kyneton
8:10AM – Selkirk Stadium Court 5

Under 12 Boys 3
1st – Pool A 3-1
Semi- Final v Bacchus Marsh
8:10AM – Minerdome Court 3

Under 12 Boys 4
4th – Pool B 1-3

Under 12 Girls 2
5th – Pool A 0-4

Under 14 Boys 1
5th – Pool A 0-4

Under 14 Boys 2
5th – Pool A 0-4

Under 14 Boys 3
3rd Pool A 2-2

Under 14 Girls 1
2nd – Pool B 3-1
Semi-Final v Wyndham
9:00AM – Selkirk Stadium Court 1

Under 14 Girls 2
4th Pool B 1-3

Under 14 Girls 3
2nd Pool A 2-2
Semi-Final v Exies
9:00AM – Minerdome Court 4

Under 16 Boys 3
1st Pool A 4-0
Semi-Final v Whittlesea
10:40AM – Phoenix College

Under 16 Boys 4
4th G Grade 1-3
Round 5 v Exits Academy
9:50AM – Selkirk Stadium Court 3

Under 16 Girls 1
4th Pool B 2-2

Under 18 Boys 1
A Semi-Final v Bacchus Marsh
10:40AM – Selkirk Stadium Court 5