Storm Boys View Finals Week 4

Oh my lordy, lordy, Stormy is as high as a kite this weekend as his veins are taken over by Grand Final-itis!

The old Storm HQ will be rocking this weekend and Stormy’s old mates, the Penut Gallery tell me that they’ve been saving their best for last!

Division 1 Men – Grand Final Game 1 (best of 3) v Shepparton 5:30pm

Well who would have thunk it!  Our D1 Men have charged into this years Grand Final Series with a 2-1 defeat of those Melbourne Uni Black Angels to host game 1 against fellow Country Victoria team Shepparton for this years title.

The state of country basketball is in good shape when two country teams show up all the metro sides to make the big dance and it should be a crack-a-lacking series if our recent regular season game was anything to go by.

Lewie Varley is hotter than the sun right now and our fellow shooters in Maxy Kos and Leigh Saffin torched the nets last weekend as well.

Stormy is bullish about this and things we’ll get first blood in this one

Youth League 2 Women Grand Final Game 2 (and 3 if needed) v Coburg 7:30pm

Ok, so the script didn’t go to plan last week, with Coburg getting the 1-0 lead against us.  The good news is, that they’ll have to take us on at our Fortress now to try and grab the title.

Don’t worry about our Storm ladies.  There’s a tonne of resilience in this team and they’re gonna be hard to beat.  Stormy thinks they’re as certain as night follows day to get it done.

The nucleus of our side is very strong and have been almost unbeatable on our home deck this season, which should fill them with confidence that they can get the job done over the next 2 days.

Having said that, it will take another 8 quarters of Storm basketball to make sure that this movie ends the way we want it to. So settle back with your choc top, popcorn and drink, for what should be a great finale.