Storm Boys View Finals Week 3

Oh my giddy Aunt, what a weekend coming up in Big V for the Storm!

Stormy is more excited than a Kangaroo’s supporter this week with what’s ahead of us.

Youth League Women

Grand Final Series Game 1 – Bellarine v Coburg 6:30pm Coburg Basketball Stadium

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, as our trailblazing Youth League Women step on Court in their debut season in game 1 of the Grand Final series.

Stormy has been as proud as a Mother hen of these ladies, who have barely put a foot wrong all season and now get the chance to earn their reward.

There’s no doubt that Coburg will come to play on their home court, knowing that a first up win will be needed to try and impact the overall result of the series and they will no doubt be buoyed by their victory a few weeks ago.

Having said that, the Storm were a few soldiers down on that night and with a full strength team at it’s disposal, it should be a much different proposition Saturday night.

Stormy notes that when you look at both sides, the Storm have just a little more depth and in finals that is a real key, if someone falls into foul trouble or has an off night.

Whilst Carly Sanders is likely to be the focus of the Giants, that may play into our hands as Stormy has been super impressed with the other options, such as Sienna Quinlan, Piper Copeland, Millie Sibley and Lucy Howard, that will cause just as many headaches for the opposition.

Another positive for the Storm will be the defensive hustle of Emily Benson, who is like a lioness stalking her prey when on court. Emily is sure to give the Giants headaches all night.

In the wash up, Stormy feels that the Storm has been priming themselves for this moment and will be keen to get the upper hand in this series and he is super confident that the girls will TCB (take care of business).

Division 1 Men

Semi-Final Game 2 – Bellarine v Melbourne Uni 7:00pm Melbourne University Sports Centre

Semi-Final Game 3 – Bellarine v Melbourne Uni 1:00pm Melbourne University Sports Centre

This game is gonna be bigger than Ben Hur on Saturday night.

With a win on Saturday night, the Storm can advance to the Division 1 Grand Final series, after a cracking game last Saturday night in Game 1.

Whilst the game could have gone either way late in the last quarter, the Storm stood right up and took the game on, to get their noses in front by the final buzzer.

Stormy feels that there might be as much love between these two sides as there is between Ben Rutten and the Bombers right now and that makes for a super contest!

The Storm are flying on all cylinders right now and are playing their best ball, which we all knew was there all along.

Not only are the playmakers in Lewie Varley, the King of the ‘old timers’ Jason Reardon, Rohan Jarvie and Leigh Saffin waxing beautifully now but there has been great support off the bench from Marko Vekic, Nathan Gronbeck and Seb Thomason.

In watching the game last weekend, Stormy felt that the Students couldn’t find much more than what they could on the night and will likely be stretched again on Saturday night and that we can get the job done on Saturday night.

However, it’s a funny game basketball and you just never know, so Sunday is there for a safety net, which is always the benefit of winning game 1 of the series.

At the end of the day, Stormy is foreseeing our boys coming out on top and advancing to the Grand Final series.

Good luck to both sides, we’re all behind you.