Storm Boys View Round 18

Mmmmmmm its that big, sweet smell of Finals in the air as we reach

the final round of the regular season.

Stormy lives for this time of year and is ginned up for the big dance.

Dvision 1 Men

Saturday 30th July 2022 v Corio Bay 5:00pm @ The Arena

This game just simply boils down to who hosts who next weekend in Week 1 of the Finals.  Whoever gets the ‘W’ will host the other next weekend.

When we played the cross-towner’s last time, they got hold of us at our place to get the win.  This time around, the Storm is playing much better ball and are right back in this contest.

Stormy thinks the ‘Rays might have thoughts of cruising to a win in this one, so they may just get a big surprise when the Storm rolls into town.  Promises to be a big game!!

Division 1 Women

Saturday 30th July 2022 v Camberwell 7:30pm @ Bellarine Secondary College

Saturday night sees the end of the road for 2022 for our Division 1 Women, as their season comes to a close with one final home game.

It’s been a tough ride for the Storm this season, however, there are many positives to come from the season, including unearthing some good young talent and a progression to more wins than in 2021.

Camberwell will be a tough ask in the last game, being one of the main contenders for a title.  The thing that Stormy knows well, is that sometimes, Teams in this situation can sometimes have their heads in next week, rather than the here and now and that might be the key to the door of victory for the Storm to finish the season on a high.

Youth League Women

Saturday 30th July v Blackburn  5:30pm @ Bellarine Secondary College

Sunday 31st July v Wallan 12:00pm @ Bellarine Secondary College

An important double weekend for Smithy and his ladies coming up, with top spot up for grabs should they complete the double.

Saturday night sees the Storm take on Blackburn in a game that still needs to be taken care of and the points secured, otherwise, Sunday’s game becomes VERY interesting.

Should the Storm stumble on Saturday night (and for what it’s worth, Stormy feels he might have more chance of winning the next series of “The Batchelor” than a Storm loss happening), Sunday’s game against Wallan will take on a whole new complexion and intensity.

A tough contest is expected as you dom when 1 plays 2, however, the Storm have a great chemistry going right now and have a number of players who can pop up and make the difference.  Stormy believes and thinks it’ll be a double dose of ‘W’s’ this weekend.

Youth League Men

Sunday 31st July v Whittlesea 2:00pm Bellarine Secondary College

Our Youth League Men are pretty much locked into their spot on the table heading into next weeks Finals.  Despite that, it’s always better to go into the post-season on the back of a good win.

After a bye last week, the Storm should be cherry ripe for this one and whilst the Pacers will be a tough ask, Stormy thinks it should be a Home victory to end the regular season.