Storm Big V Player of the Week Round 9

Our Round 9 Storm Big V Player of the Week is having some sort of season!

Over the weekend, it two big wins by our Youth League Women, Carly Sanders finished the weekend with 39 points and 21 boards across the 2 games.

On Saturday night, ‘Cyclone’ picked up 15points and 16 boards against Wangaratta, before piling the pain onto Melton with 24 points for the day, to be the stand out performer of the round.

Congratulations Carly on taking the points for the third time this season!

Other performances of note were:

Piper Copeland – 24 points, 6 assists and 5 steals v Melton

Sienna Quinlan – 17 points and 12 rebounds v Melton

Ethan McDonald – 22 v Wangaratta

Ryan Robinson – 18 v Wangaratta

Rohan Jarvie 16 points and 8 boards v Collingwood

Jarvis Gleeson – 15 points v Wangaratta