Storm Boy’s View – Big V 2022 Round 9

Stormy’s message for Round 9 this week, is Vote 1 Storm! The fortunes of Australia for the next three years might be on then line this weekend, however, for Stormy there is something much more important and that’s a set of wins for our sides this weekend!

Youth League Women

Saturday 21st May v Wangaratta North East 5:30 Bellarine Secondary College

Sunday 22nd May v Melton 12:00 Bellarine Secondary College

Whilst our Youth League Women lost the contest in Albury last weekend to put a dent in their perfect season, the polls have been good this week for a return to the winners podium in the weekend’s double header contest.

When we last met on the campaign trail earlier in the season, the Storm just managed to edge out the opposition and claim victory. One suspects that while the polls are tight again, the Storm come out on top in the two party preferred on Saturday night, whilst Sunday’s game should see a return to ‘lodge’ their place back at the head of the table.

Youth League Men

Saturday 21st May v Wangaratta North East 7:30 Bellarine Secondary College

The Storm’s Youth League Men candidates have put in a slid campaign so far this season and despite a dip last week, they should be able to get the numbers this week against their opponents.

Stormy likes the look of the Storm ‘front bench’ and thinks that they stack up pretty well against the opposition sufficiently enough to be first past the post in this race and return to the winners list again.

Division 1 Men

Saturday 21st May v Collingwood 8:00 Collingwood College

Just like ScoMo and that young soccer player this week, Stormy thinks we’ll be too big and too strong for the opposition in this one, although hopefully, we won’t fall on top of anybody in the process!

We were too good for Collingwood at our place last time and the boys are also playing better than they were then as well, so Stormy is as confident in calling this one as Antony Green would be on Election night, that the Storm will get this one too.

Division 1 Women

Sunday 22nd May v Craigieburn 2:00 Craigieburn Sports Stadium

Stormy hears on the grapevine that our Div 1 Women are hungrier than Clive Palmer to get a win this weekend and with the addition of new party member Charlotte Armstrong, the Storm should be able to reverse the result of the last contest, where the Eagles flew higher to snatch the win.

Stormy would put the house on it (if he could afford to buy one that is!) that the Storm will turn the tables and rise to the occasion on Sunday afternoon.

Well, that’s it for this week, Stormy’s run out of election references, so he better wander off now and hit the campaign trail.