New Rules for Winter 2019

As we head into the Winter season the BPBA Board of Management will implement some rule changes through the BPBA By-Laws.


  1. 3-Point Line
    1. The inner 3 point line will now be used for all Under 14’s and below with the outer 3 point line used for all Under 16’s and above.
  2. No Zone defence
    1. For all Under 14’s and below man-to-man defence must be played for the entire game, no zone defence is allowed at all.


All information about the new rules are in our updated By-laws (Updated April 2019).



Also, for Winter 2019 there is changes to some of the game ticket prices. The new prices are as follows:

Age Group Old Price New Price (as of Winter 2019)
Junior Tickets $8.50 $9.00
Intermediate Tickets $9.00 $9.50
Senior Tickets $10.00 $10.00