Welcome to Summer


Welcome to the BPBA Summer 2018/19 Season.

Please ensure you read the following information, and pass on to ALL members of your respective team/s.



Fixtures for the first week of games (Monday 8th October  – Thursday 11th October) are now available on our website (www.bpba.org.au)


Follow the Fixtures/Results link on the top menu bar.  Select the fixture for your relevant age group.

Please note that during the grading phase (first four weeks of the season), fixtures will only be available on a week-to-week basis (hopefully within 24 hours of game night, for the following week’s games)



Game Fee

Game fees will remain as follows for the Summer 2018/19 competition:

  •         Juniors – $8.50          
  •         Intermediate (U18, U20 & SM) – $9.00             
  •         Seniors – $10.00


Player Registration

Some players will be due to pay their Annual Registration Fee for the Summer 2018/19 Season.


Manual/cash registration cannot be taken at ANY venue

Further details can be found on our website.

Registration Fees are as follows for the Summer 2018/19 Season:  

  •         Seniors – $75.00   
  •         Juniors (Under 18) – $70.00

If you are registered at another Association, and are only required to pay the Affiliation Fee at BPBA, please contact us for the link to this form.  Proof of primary registration will be required. Affiliation Fees are as follows:

  •         Seniors – $37.50   
  •         Juniors (Under 18) – $35.00

Please be aware that ALL PLAYERS must be registered PRIOR TO PLAYING their first game.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Forfeits will apply to any team as the result of an Unregistered Player participating in ANY game.

Players can speak with Customer Service Staff on games night, or email admin@bpba.org.au if they are unsure of their Registration status.

Players Playing Under False Name

ALL teams are reminded that it is a breach of the rules for a player to play any game under a false name.

BPBA will take a zero tolerance approach to this, and all teams and players are warned that offenders (individuals AND teams) will be reported to the tribunal, and may face penalties (including suspensions and/or fines).

If you are aware of any persons breaching this rule, please advise the BPBA office via email.



Public Holidays


There will be no games played on the following dates due to public holidays;


Monday 28th January 2019 – Australia Day

Monday 11th March 2019 – Labour Day


Wednesday 24th October 2018 – Geelong Cup Day



Finals Format and Qualification

Finals format for the Summer 2018/19 Competition is as follows:

Semi Finals

Semi Final 1:  1 v 4

Semi Final 2:  2 v 3

Grand Final

Grand Final:  Winner of Semi Final 1 v Winner of Semi Final 2



Qualifications for Finals

Please note that it is the responsibility of each team/player to ensure that all individuals have played enough games to qualify for the Finals series.

Player qualification for the Summer 2018/19 Season is as follows:

  •         All Monday competitions: 8 games
  •        U20 Boys, Masters and Social Mixed: 9 games

U18 Boys: 8 games

  •         All Wednesday competitions: 8 games
  •         All Thursday competitions: 8 games

Games played statistics are available on the website.  If your team has had one or more byes, please add these to the player games total, as byes are included as qualification games.

E.g. Andrew Gaze has played seven games, and his team has had one bye.

The total of eight qualifying games, makes him eligible to participate in the finals in the Wednesday night Men’s Div 3 Competition.

During finals games, a player whose name does not appear on the score sheet is ineligible to participate.

Please speak with Customer Service Staff prior to the game if you believe there to be an error with this.

In the event of a long-term injury disrupting a player’s season, please be aware of Rule 5.7 (BPBA By-laws), whereby permission may be sought for an exemption to player qualification rules.


Uniforms & Jewellery

Teams requiring the use of the loan singlets will be able to do so free of charge for the first three weeks, then you will be charged a rental fee (except in the case of colour clash).

As per BPBA By-laws:

A player may not take the court in any match with incorrect uniform singlet after round four (4) of the competition.

Singlets must bear legal numbers of cloth, plastic or other acceptable fabric, permanently attached.  Chalked, taped or inked number will not be permitted.

Faded or damaged singlets must be replaced once the club/team has been notified in writing.

Therefore, all teams with players wearing singlets with numbers written on, or singlets turned inside out (i.e. 00), you MUST rectify this and ensure (that by round four) all players are in correct team uniform.

Please note that all players in a team must wear the same coloured basketball shorts as stated on the team registration form.

Full length compression garments (Skins, etc), leggings or tracksuit pants are not permitted, and will incur a four-point penalty (per player).

Players are not permitted to wear any jewellery.

Taping of facial jewellery is not permitted under FIBA Rules.

Any jewellery that cannot be removed for religious reasons must be completely covered by a suitable grade tape. If jewellery is not completely taped down and deemed safe by game officials, that player cannot take the court.

Players are required to have fingernails that are shorter than the tip of each finger. Referees may choose to check players’ fingernails if necessary.  Players failing to cut their fingernails at the direction of a referee will not be permitted to play.

Further detail on fingernails and wearing gloves can be found in the VBRA domestic uniform policy.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your team’s uniform.




As per the BPBA Inc. By-laws, any player transferring to a different team for the Winter 2017 Season is required to complete a Clearance form before competing in any games with their new team.

Clearance forms are available from the BPBA website, or alternatively, players/teams can speak with Customer Service Staff on games nights, or email admin@bpba.org.au


Forfeit Fines

A reminder that forfeit fines will be imposed on any team forfeiting a scheduled match.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

This includes all games whereby a team is unable to field enough players, regardless of the time frame of notice given to BPBA.  i.e giving a week’s notice, will still result in a forfeit fine being issued (at the reduced rate)

Penalties are as follows:

Less than 24-hours notice:

In the event of a team not being ready to play ten (10) minutes after the appointed time, a walkover will be awarded to the opposing team and a score of twenty (20) points to zero (0) shall be recorded.  In addition, fines as stipulated below shall be imposed:

                       Senior Divisions $100                   Junior Divisions $70


More than 24 hours notice:

In the event of a team giving in excess of twenty four (24) hours notice of a walkover, a score of twenty (20) points to zero (0) shall be awarded to the opposing team for percentage purposes.  In addition, fines as stipulated below will be imposed:

                       Senior Divisions $75                 Junior Divisions    $50

Teams must pay fines within two weeks of receipt of Fine/Invoice.

Failure to do so will result in the team forfeiting all matches until such time that payment is finalised.

Teams with outstanding fines will be unable to participate in finals, and may jeopardise their position in the competition for future seasons.


Bellarine Secondary College – carpark & surrounds

Members are reminded that BPBA pays a significant annual fee for the use of the Bellarine Sports Centre (Drysdale).

We ask that members show respect to the stadium and external surrounds to ensure we do not jeopardise the relationship we have with the school and the ongoing access to this venue.

Please ensure that you place all rubbish in bins within the venue, or take it with you if you are outside. Do not leave rubbish in the car park.

Please ensure that ALL cars are parked within the parking bays in the school car park, Potato Shed car park, or as appropriate along Peninsula Dve.

Cars are NOT PERMITTED on grassed or gravel areas within the school grounds.


Just a reminder there is to be NO SMOKING or ALCOHOL to be consumed on school grounds.



There has been an increasing number of incidents relating to unacceptable behaviour and poor sportsmanship on display during and following games under BPBA’s control.

All members are reminded that on registration, you agree to abide by the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct (see attached).  Please also be aware of BV’s Social Media Policy. Social Media outlets should be used with great care when posting comments, photos, opinions, etc relating to basketball.

BPBA will also take a zero tolerance approach to abuse or poor sportsmanship displayed toward players, coaches, spectators and other game and association Officials.

All referees have the power to eject players, coaches, or spectators from a game as they deem necessary.

Referees and BPBA officials also have the power to report any persons involved in any incident.

Reminder: In BPBA Domestic competitions, all Technical and Unsportsmanlike Fouls will result in a five-minute sin-bin for the offending player.

Under Basketball Victoria’s Tribunal By-laws and Member Protection By-laws, behavior which is unacceptable can be brought to the Tribunal, even if it didn’t occur on the basketball court. As long as the incident is basketball-related, the Tribunal can deal with it.

BPBA will have no hesitation in forwarding any such issues to the Tribunal if it relates to basketball and will support any decision made. The Committee therefore asks all members to be mindful of other basketball participants and don’t place yourself at risk of finding yourself reported to the Tribunal, as has happened to several people already.


In conclusion, thank you for registering for the Summer 2018/19 season.

We have attached the BPBA By-Laws and BV’s Codes of Conduct for your information.

Please feel free to contact us throughout the season if you have any queries, issues or suggestions.  We welcome your input in improving our Association.

I look forward to catching up with many of you as the season progresses.

Good luck for the Summer 2018/19 Season!