GOYA Sport Athlete Testing

We will have GOYA Sport hold an athlete testing session on Sunday the 2nd of February, this is open to all Storm players. GOYA Sport use the Primco Testing System:

“Primco Testing System (PTS) was developed to measure an individual’s athletic ability for a variety of Olympic and Professional sports.

PTS is quick, practical and flexible and can provide an accurate assessment of each participant’s overall athletic ability/fitness level.

PTS’ unique, world leading Data Delivery System enables athletes, coaches and trainers to view and compare their results and improvements over time.

Users are able to compare their results across all of PTS’ Data Delivery System. Primco Testing System offers a range of benefits for athletes and coaches.”


After the testing is complete every athlete will be given a 6 week plyometric training schedule and then will be re-tested after the program is complete to measure the progress made throughout the program.

The program cost $66 p.p payable before the start of the program.


If you are interested please complete the form below.

GOYA Sport Athlete Testing